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AtalaiA ‘Moving Through Shards’ (album write up).

Updated: May 10, 2022

AtalaiA has crafted an 8 track debut album entitled ‘Moving Through Shards’ for Soulful Techno. Hailing from North East England, DJ and producer Daniel O’Sullivan a.k.a AtalaiA has carved out a unique reputation by playing in excess of a whopping 1000 sunsets in Ibiza. Now he has translated his knowledge as a selector into an audible trademark. “I had a strong urge to reach out and collaborate with other artists and capture this special point in time. The album is hugely influenced by the 15 years I’ve spent in Ibiza. It’s a place that has shaped myself and my sound. Critically, it’s a new bridge between myself and anyone who has crossed paths with me, and hopefully a lot of new listeners, as we all begin again. I really want to thank everyone who has been on the musical journey with me - from sunsets to ten hour sets”. The album contains tracks ‘Moving Through Shards’ and ‘There You Go’, that are designed to deliver in a club, while ‘Solar Tones’, will resonate in the sunshine at Café Mambo. Others were made for contemplative home listening like ‘Cha+NllZ’ - written for friends at their apartment on the island. “From my hometown family in Morpeth and Newcastle to my Ibiza familia to all friends scattered around the world, and all those who’ve passed on, to label boss Gabriel Ananda who is hugely supportive and believes in the essence of the person and the music above all else, I couldn’t have asked for more belief and support so this is for all of you. Gracias a todos.” Danny O a.k.a Atalaia

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