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What was your ‘Plan B’ for 2020?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

What positive changes did you make during recent restrictions? Was there even one good thing you could mention...or two?

With the greatest of respect to people who have been unfortunate, or those who have simply survived the struggle to this point, I take the viewpoint that we have all 'won' (collectively speaking) by getting through the last 3 months. Fortunately for me, I’ve now got other work aside from DJing which wasn’t the case for 15+ years so I’m VERY grateful.

For the last 13 summers I’ve been in Ibiza and playing the opening parties at this time of year. In 2020 I’ve stayed home in London and learned video skills, made a new website, created new music, done some volunteering and a lot of reading alongside my various daily workouts so I’ll be back better than ever. I’m generating some positivity for a new project so if you've read this far please share your achievements. I already had some great responses from my socials!

I hope to see you very soon in Ibiza. Clubs or no clubs, new island restrictions might be a chance for some people to get a clue about the island! ❤️🎶

Photo: Ibiza Film Crew

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